Your first appointment with the chiropractor

Our first job is to find out what is wrong, we are able to do this because we understand how the body is supposed to move and function. We will also check for signs of more  serious conditions for which we will refer you back to your GP. 


The Initial Consultation

  • Your first visit begins with me getting to know you. Tell me as much as you can about your problem and why you've come to see us. I will ask questions to delve deeper, including things like your past medical history, if you are on any medication, how active you are and what your daily lifestyle looks like. This is to get a better understanding of how your probelm is affecting you and what I need to do next. 

  • A thorough examination is then performed which allows me to work out if we can help you and what treatment would best suit you. 

  • You will receive a report of findings, where I encourage you to ask questions. This will explain the results of the consultation and approximately how long you can expect a course of treatment to take and what I need you to do to compliment that treatment plan and make it as effective as possible. 

  • You will usually get treatment on the first visit if I dont need to gather more information first, or refer you to someone else. 

  • I then tailor a home rehabilitation program suited to your needs and capabilities. Everyone gets exercises. I want to you move better, move more and help you enjoy life without pain interferring.


The 'hands on' treatments may include;

  • Joint manipulation and mobilisations

  • Soft tissue massage and stretching techniques

  • Dry Needling/Acupunture

"Hands off" treatment would be helping you get through your exercise plan, advice, encouraging you, and helping you set goals. It always helps to have something to aim for. It doesn't have to be a marathon, just something you used to be able to do before that you struggle with now. 

Your treatment will be specific to your presenting problem. No two people are the same, and neither are two treatment plans.

You don't need a referral from your Doctor to attend a consultation and all your details are kept confidential. We can write to your GP if you would like them to be informed about your chiropractic care. 

If at any time during the consultation, you or we decide that it is not suitable for you to receive treatment with us, we will refer you on to the appropriate person.